Wellness in the heart of Beskydy Mountains

Positive energetic spaces bring visitors to caress the senses and through a wide selection of health and beauty treatments will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Enjoy high-end pool with breathtaking views of peaks and Beskydy and medical wellness with fabulous atmosphere.

Thanks mingling with new and original material, the use of local larch, industrial floor basalt and fully functional disposition solutions with witty detail was solved in the wellness centre harmonious atmosphere that is unparalleled away the hustle and chaos of large pools or anonymous wellness centres.

An interesting feature is the unique layout and functional solution of two saunas, a private medical wellness with reception focused on the wishes of guests, mixed cloakroom with separate dressing boxes, wheelchair accessible, location of toilets and showers in the wet part of the pool, and also use the latest technology lighting, air conditioning and sound system to enhance your experience.

Unique combination of two saunas – salt and variable cooling pool and mountain showers mystical restroom. Functionally, all day, you can use up to eight different schemes which vary in temperature, humidity, and of course visitors – other requirements, women, families with children or experienced sauna masters used 95 ° C. 🙂

The icing on the cake is a major revision of space into modern medical wellness centre. Outdated model of common room divided screens and curtains, where visitors have no peace nor privacy was converted into a cosy individual cabins for the perfect opportunity to relax with a massage, cosmetics Sothys Paris a whole catalogue of other procedures in thoughtfully conceived environment.

The materials used, special furniture, calculated acoustics and ambient lighting will enhance your experience. You are welcome to visit.

Medical wellness centre offer

Swimming pool with massage waterspout

Swimming pool with fabulous atmosphere, massage waterspout which one of you inrush of water will wash away all your worries and at the end you can relax on comfortable loungers with breath taking views of the Beskydy peaks.

2. Kneipp massage walkway

Kneipp walkway works on a simple principle. In two separate small pools with the bottom covered with pebbles is 40 ° C warm water and 12 ° C cold water. You walk in the pool with warm water and thoroughly warms feet. After a few seconds of shuffling in the pool with cold water and repeat the cycle several times. The main effect of this procedure is to improve blood circulation in the feet, total metabolism and blood circulation. Pebbles in the bottom of the foot massage and alternating heat and cold can improve blood circulation throughout the body.

3. Private spa –  just for you

The luxuriously equipped rooms will be available indefinitely Rhassoul steam cabin, relaxing bed and secured peace for himself.

4. Rhassoul – peeling and steam cabin

During the procedure is to warm up the body in a steam cabin and the application Moroccan clay soil or other peeling the skin of the whole body. Moroccan clay are the advantages of a high mineral content, strong cleaning effects and friendliness skin. Rhassoul perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin, the skin of the whole body gives nourishment to hair and nails.

5. Salt sauna – halotherapy

Unique combination of salt therapy, colour therapy and sauna, where sauna you inhale during Himalayan salt as a dry aerosol. Efficiency achieved by inhalation is higher than in the salt cave, where it is not used dry aerosol generator.
The very essence of the effectiveness of salt aerosol inhalation of a significant number of inhaled particles (1-5 microns). These particles are to the human respiratory system is the most effective component. Salt spray cleans the air and creates a antibacterial, almost sterile environment.
Salt aerosol effects on the human body are based on decades of experience. Therapy is primarily intended for people suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, skin diseases, poor circulation and pressure. Salt aerosol is of course also suitable for total relaxation and regeneration of the human organism.

6. Bio sauna

Bio is a combination of the Finnish sauna and steam baths. Is heated to a temperature of 40-70 ° C, but with higher relative humidity, which is close to the steam sauna. Positive atmosphere in Bio sauna is fleshed soft lighting.


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7. Scottish cooling shower

Intensive cooling from all directions.

8. Cooling pool

Everyone knows that the cooling in the pool or in the snow has no substitute. For sure, you can use our nice cooling pool all the year. 🙂

9. Mystical relaxation room – Black Chamber

They are experiences that can not be described, but you have to experience it.

10. Rehabilitation hydro-massage baths

Powerful whirlpools with zone system, 8 water jets , 30 micro jets with and 176 massage air jets. Programs for rehabilitation, relaxation and lymphatic massages.

11. Instrument lymphatic drainage

Advancing and pulsating pressure wave gives you a gentle massage which encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body, similar to the manual lymph drainage – helps to detoxify the body overall, improve metabolism, improve skin quality and your physical condition.

12. Inhalation

For inhalation use mineral water Vincentka, which improves the lining of the airways, anti-inflammatory and facilitates expectoration. Regular inhalation are suitable for people with diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract infections, allergies and asthma, or people moving in areas with air conditioning, people living in urban areas and smokers.

13. Oxygen therapy ‘oxylive’

Inhale 95% oxygen, produced within a special concentrator. Scientifically proven method for long-term application of up to 40% improvement in memory, sleep and improves tissue nutrition.

14. Massages

There is nothing better to restore your physical and mental health, improve health and fight against civilization problems such as back and neck pain than the sensitive fingers of our masseuses and masseurs. You can choose from a variety of massages, from classic, lava stones, Hawaiian, honey massage, …

15. Sothys Paris beauty program

Hotel Duo uses French cosmetics brand Sothys Paris, which has developed a wide range of products, serving as the treatment of facial skin, the skin all over the body.
At the heart of professional treatment is an exclusive technology Digi-Esthétique of our beauticians. Unique technology combines finger pressure, special massage strokes, which turns off, detoxifies and tones the skin on the face and skin of the whole body. Digi Esthétique is a real gateway for the pleasures of the body and soul.

Come, relax and gather new strength in medical wellness centre.

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