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Massages and other treatments

Massage, duration 30 minutes ~ 380 CZK

  • Massage, whole foot
  • Massage, whole hand
  • Massage, back
  • Massage, facial
  • Butterfly (foot and calf)
  • Hand foot massage

Massage, duration 40 minutes ~ 480 CZK

  • Back and neck massage
  • Back massage and hand
  • Massage the back of the body
  • Honey back massage
  • Back massage with lava stones

Massage, duration 60 minutes ~ 690 CZK

  • Massage the back and entire leg
  • Hawaiian Massage the back of the body
  • Honey Therapy – Balance Massage
  • Hot stone massage the back part of the body

Massage, duration 90 minutes ~ 990 CZK

  • Full body massage
  • Hawaiian body massage
  • Hot stone massage – whole body

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Instrumentation treatments

  • Inhalation, 15 minutes (mixture Vincentka and Mucosolvan) ~ 80 CZK
  • Applying peat tiles on your chosen location, 1 pcs, 30 minutes ~ 200 CZK
  • Applying peat tiles on your chosen location, 2 pcs, 30 minutes ~ 300 CZK
  • Bubble bath with herbal additives of your choice, 30 minutes ~ 250 CZK
  • Magic chests, 30 minutes ~ 250 CZK
    (warm up the body with steam and aromatic herbs)
  • Magic chest with a focus on cellulite, 30 minutes ~ 300 CZK
    (steam heating of the body, accompanied by cinnamon wrap on the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks)
  • Oxyteraphy, 30 minutes ~ 250 CZK
    (oxygen therapy when inhaled air is enriched by more than 90% pure oxygen)
  • Lymphatic drainage, 30 minutes ~ 250 CZK
    (short hand massage trigger points for opening the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage massage in subsequent files is necessary)
  • Lymphatic drainage, 60 minutes ~ 400 CZK
    (short hand massage trigger points for opening the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage massage in subsequent stringing, the final little foot massage)

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Beauty treatments

Treatment duration 20 to 30 minutes

  • Eyebrow and colouring eyebrows ~ 200 CZK
  • Waxing (around the lips and chin) ~ 200 CZK
  • Eyebrow and eyelash and eyebrow dye ~ 250 CZK
  • Classic manicure ~ 250 CZK
  • Japanese P-shine manicure ~ 250 CZK

Treatment duration 45 minute ~ 600 CZK

  • Men’s skin care cosmetic
    (cleansing, peeling, relaxing massage, hydrating mask)
  • Cosmetic deep cleansing
    (clean and warm skin, deep cleansing, mask)

Treatment duration  80 minute ~ 900 CZK

  • Basic cosmetic skin treatment
    (cleansing, peeling, face and neck massage, eyebrow and eyelash, final cream day trial)

Wax depilation

  • Forearm, 15 minutes ~ 200 CZK
  • The whole hands, 30 minutes ~ 350 CZK
  • Armpits, 30 minutes ~ 250 CZK
  • Bikini, 30 minutes ~ 300 CZK
  • Calves, 30 minutes ~ 350 CZK
  • The whole foot, 60 minutes ~ 650 CZK
  • Male back, 45 minutes ~ 600 CZK

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Sothys Paris face and body rituals

Wellness centre uses French cosmetics brand Sothys Paris, which has developed a wide range of products, serving as the treatment of facial skin and the whole body skin.
At the heart of professional treatment is exclusive technique Digi Esthetique hands of our beauticians. Unique technology combines finger pressure, special massage strokes, which turns off, detoxifies and tones the skin on the face and skin of the whole body. Digi Esthetique is a real gateway for the pleasures of the body and your soul.

Facial rituals

  • Eye area treatment, 40 minutes ~ 600 CZK
    Complete care is intended for wrinkles, circles and bags under the eyes, softens and soothes eyelids, and she makes sure to care for wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Seasonal treatment Sothys, 60 minutes ~ 1100 CZK
    A touch of the exotic for your skin and senses. This is a revitalizing treatment with vitamins to enhance skin brightness and delivery after winter. Cocktail freshness of spring and summer season with gourmet scents full sun. Treatment is suitable for all skin types.
  • Hydradvance treatment, 90 minutes ~ 1400 CZK
    Treat your skin exceptional treatment which is a combination of the most advanced active ingredients and a program for perfect skin hydration. It keeps the water in the upper layers, strengthens the barrier function of the skin. Immediate and long-lasting effectiveness.
  • Tribal, 60 minutes ~ 1100 CZK
    This treatment is designed for all skin types – light, dark, mixed, or sensitive skin. The procedure begins with a light scrub with a Japanese technique, and then continues applying pleasantly warm mask. Followed by application of special oils, which is achieved moisturised and radiant skin. The skin is then clear and moisturised.
  • Beauty Garden, 60 minutes ~ 1100 Kč
    Skin treatment products with active ingredients of plants, such as angelica, hawthorn, sunflower, cherry buds, rice, or walnut shells.

Body rituals

  • Relaxation massage candles and peeling, 60 minutes ~ 800 CZK
    Sensual scents and intoxicating caress warm oil helps very easy to forget the exhausting day and is ideal for warming up and relax tired muscles. The result is a surprisingly effective relaxation and well beeing experience, hydration, smoothing and brightening the skin.
  • Hanakasumi – Japanese ritual, 90 minutes ~ 1500 CZK
    Special ritual, providing relaxation of the body and especially the mind, which is based on traditional Japanese rituals, based on the baths for cleansing the body and soul. The procedure is suitable for women and men of all ages and for all skin types. Ritual is perfect for removing the feeling of heavy legs, overall physical fatigue and stress. The whole body will envelop “fog cherry blossom”, which is the exact translation Hanakasumi, plus pleasantly intoxicating aroma that stimulates the senses and promotes induce deep relaxation.
  • Tribal – body treatment of donations continents, 90 minutes ~ 1500 CZK
    Let yourself be tempted to travel and come across distant countries. Expect to see a return to the origin of the world and re-emergence of power plants. Penetrate into the mysteries of African, Mexican and Polynesian beauty recipes from ancestors from different continents that will help you relax and restore you back to harmony with nature.
  • Orient aromatic ceremony, 100 minutes ~ 1800 CZK
    Let yourself be carried away into the world of fairy tales One Thousand and One Nights in one of the world’s most popular ritual Sothys. Feel the fascinating interplay of the effects of specific active ingredients and exclusive manual techniques Digi-Esthetique. Thanks to the wonderful aroma of oriental and relaxing music, specially composed for this ritual, you will experience the perfect embodiment of enjoyment and pleasure. Unique atmosphere pervades all senses and total relaxation of the body and other insights into the mental dimension.
  • Three scents Relaxing ritual, 60 minutes ~ 1100 CZK
    Indulge yourself in a wonderful fragrance that you choose to treat yourself and smell the lemon scent of vanilla and orange blossom scent). Thanks to the wonderful smell that you choose yourself, and music that is specifically designed for each flavor separately, you will experience wonderful moments of relaxation.
  • Slimming
    • Whole body, 90 minutes ~ 1400 CZK
    • Whole legs and buttocks, 60 minutes ~ 900 CZK
      Effective slimming program that eliminates toxins from the tissues, reduces the signs of all types of cellulite and also please all the senses. Care for both women and men. Process procedures – self-heating detoxifying scrub and wrap, application serums, slimming modelling and applications Sothys final products.

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Special offers

  • Package 1 ~ 550 CZK
    contains procedures magic chests and honey massage
  • Package 2 ~ 500 CZK
    contains a bubble bath with herbal additives and then massage the entire leg
  • Package 3 ~ 400 CZK
    contains a 30-minute lymphatic drainage machine foot simultaneously with oxygen therapy, oxyterapie
  • Package for children from 6-10 years old ~ 450 CZK
    contains a 15-minute bubble bath and a 20-minute back and neck massage

zpět nahoru

Swimming pool and sauna world

As a part of internal swimming pool is a water spout and massage Kneipp walkway, which works on a simple principle. In two separate small pools, with the bottom covered with pebbles is 40 ° C warm water and 12 ° C cold water. You walk in the pool with warm water and thoroughly warms feet. After a few seconds of shuffling in the pool with cold water and repeat the cycle several times. The main effect of this procedure is to improve blood circulation in the feet, total metabolism and blood circulation. Pebbles in the bottom of the foot massage and alternating heat and cold can improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Private Rhassoul steam cabin ~ 1000 CZK / 1 hour

Here you can find comfort, relaxation and privacy in a room that is equipped with a separate steam cabin, shower, toilet, rest room with audiovisual equipment and bar. During the procedure is applied to the whole body, crystalline salt Moroccan or the clay soil. The steam cabin is to warm up the body and with the application of salt or clay, skin gets Moroccan clay minerals and also has strong cleaning effect and is gentle to the skin. Rhassoul perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin, the skin of the whole body and nourish hair and nails.

Hotel guests

  • Pool, adults ~ free of charge
  • Pool, children 1-6 years old ~ free of charge
  • Saunas, adults ~ 200 CZK / 3 hours
  • Saunas, children 6-15 years old ~ 100 CZK / 3 hours


  • Pool, adults~ 200 CZK / hour
  • Pool, children 1-6 years old ~ 100 CZK / hour
  • Saunas, adults ~ 350 CZK / 3 hours
  • Saunas, children 6-15 years old ~ 175 CZK / 3 hours

Family admission to the swimming pool

  • 1 adult and 1 child 6-15 years old ~ 250 CZK / hour
  • 2 adults and 1 child 6-15 years old ~ 450 CZK / hour
  • 2 adults and 2 children 6-15 years old ~ 500 CZK / hour

Family admission to sauna

  • 1 adult and 1 child 6-15 years old ~ 400 CZK / 3 hours
  • 2 adults and 1 child 6-15 years old ~ 700 CZK / 3 hours
  • 2 adults and 2 children 6-15 years old ~ 750 CZK / 3 hours

Sauna, groups of guests ~ 2000 CZK / hour – for time and availability please contact wellness reception

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